3M Post-it® Notes: World Travelers

Leaving Las Vegas

A Post-it® Note Bound for Minneapolis Travels by Corporate Jet

Post-it® Note Travels By Air A post-flight check in Minneapolis, MN found a Post-itŪ Note clinging to the nose of an airplane after a 1996 flight from Las Vegas. The note, intended for the plane's Las Vegas ground crew was left on the plane. It survived a take-off and landing, speeds of 500 miles per hour, and temperatures of -56 degrees Fahrenheit. A small price to pay for this little post it to make it to this great city.

This Note Can Move

A Post-it® Note Relocates Cross-Country

Post-it® Note ON Moving Truck While helping friends pack for a move from California to Kentucky in 1993, a woman placed a Post-itŪ Note on the back of their trailer. After traveling the Interstate all day, the friends noticed the note when they stopped for the evening. They decided to leave it there, curious to see how long it would last. Imagine their surprise when four days and 3,000 miles later, they found it still attached!

Note Stuck At Sea

Brings New Meaning to Ship-to-Shore Communication

Post-it® Note Stcuk At Sea In 1994, a sailor on board the U. S. S. Kitty Hawk wrote a letter to his wife and gave it to a shipmate who was going ashore. Attached to the envelope was a Post-it® Note with instructions for the shipmate to mail the letter from town. When the sailor's wife received the letter in San Diego, she found the note still attached. Even stranger than the trip, though, was the fact that the note entirely covered the woman's address. In order to deliver the letter to the proper address, the note had apparently been lifted and reapplied several times.

This Note Hung On

From the Wild West to the Middle East

Post-it® Note Makes it through the MailWhen mail room workers at a hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming, received an envelope with a Post-it® Note requesting 32 cents postage, they somehow got the meter mark on top of the note. Rather than waste the postage, they placed the letter in the mail, Post-it® Note and all. After passing through countless postal facilities, mail carriers and mail bags on its 10-day journey in 1996, the letter arrived safely in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.