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Simplifying Marketing Automation for Small Business

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MANAGED Marketing Automation Services

Flaire Marketing provides a scalable team of experts to accommodate your marketing automation requirements. With marketing automation, you now have choices. You can hire full-time staff to manage the six unique disciplines necessary to deploy marketing automation, or you can rely on MANAGED marketing automation.

Managed Marketing Automation

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Flaire Marketing has built a service model specific to small B2B companies – up to $75M in annual revenues. Our team of professionals can effectively meet the needs of each of the six roles necessary to marketing automation. Flaire offers:

Packaged Offerings

Flaire Marketing offers five unique packages, designed to be scalable to your needs, audience segmentation and available budget to drive inbound leads.

Team Scalability

Access to proven B2B strategists, content marketing experts, automation experts, CRM gurus and program leadership. Agility is the key trait for each expert we add to your team.

Marketing Discipline

Program guidance, scheduling and outside-in discipline necessary to drive an effective program – even when you’re too busy to be a driver. Flaire helps drive a greater balance between agility and discipline.

Game Changers

Your team will be directly coached by game-changing social media expertise. You’ll soon be found when and where your target audience is comfortable and open to the alternatives you offer.


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