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What We Do

Minnesota-Based Provider of Marketing Automation

For several industries made up of small companies, marketing automation might sound incredibly daunting. Flaire Marketing can and will wear one or all six of these hats for you – at a reasonable monthly fee. For example, if you wish to pay a bit more, you can have all six hats managed for you. All you need to provide is strategic guidance and subject matter expertise to help in the development of content.

Or, perhaps you only need a marketing automation tool coordinator and an expert social media coach. Flaire Marketing can do that for you. Flaire Marketing has built out a scalable service that meets the needs of your company, the tactical mix you choose and your budget.

To date, Flaire Marketing has built five program options for B2B only. B2C options will be developed and deployed in the summer of 2017.

  • Bronze Managed Marketing Automation (MMA)
  • Silver MMA
  • Gold MMA
  • Platinum MMA
  • Diamond MMA

To read more about the deliverables within each of these package options, visit our B2B page.

Fees are paid monthly and our clients sign not less than a one-year agreement. In most instances, the on-boarding process will be completed in under three weeks and measureable impact is clearly visible by the beginning of the second month. Trending data for the value of each of your marketing tactics begins to drive strategic evolution by the end of the second month.

Helpful Resources

Flaire Marketing suggests reading the following online white papers to better understand recent trends in marketing tactics and how marketing automation allows your company to have a stronger inbound marketing program.


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