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Flaire Marketing – Managed Marketing Automation Services

Flaire Marketing provides a scalable team of experts to accommodate your marketing automation requirements. With marketing automation, you now have choices. You can hire a team of experts that meet the requirements of six unique roles necessary to marketing automation, or you can rely on managed marketing automation. Our clients appreciate the scalable access to our on-staff experts – costing them much less than a full-time staff, yet ensuring their marketing efforts are being led by proven experts.

What is Marketing Automation – in a nutshell?

Marketing automation refers to the software technologies that allow marketing-driven organizations to effectively market outbound messages through various mediums (social, email, web, etc.), where a greater number of tasks are automated – included campaign measurement. The intended outcome is to drive a measurable improvement in inbound leads.

What is Managed Marketing Automation?

“Managed” Marketing Automation is the reliance on an outside company to provide access to the software platform and the expertise to meet your objectives to deploy marketing automation – without the expense of hiring several full-time experts. And, without the risk of hiring staff that are unfamiliar with best practices across industry appropriate marketing mediums.

What can Flaire Marketing do?

Flaire Marketing has built a service model specific to small B2B companies – up to $75M in annual revenues. Our team of professionals can effectively meet the needs of each of the six roles necessary to marketing automation: CRM coordination, social coaching, content management, marketing automation platform coordination, CMS web coordination and marketing automation program direction. Based upon your on-staff expertise, existing marketing objectives and budget, you can choose to have as few as one role managed for you, or all six roles.

Flaire’s Managed Marketing Automation offers:

  • Five unique packages, designed to be scalable to your needs, audience segmentation and budget
  • Access to proven content marketing and marketing automation experts
  • Program guidance and discipline to drive an effective program
  • World-changing social media guidance
  • Access to agile marketing experts that evolve tactical distribution as frequently as the market changes.

Helpful Resources

Flaire Marketing suggests reading the following online white papers to better understand recent trends in marketing tactics and how marketing automation allows your company to have a stronger inbound marketing program.


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