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Managed Marketing Automation Division Launched by Flaire Print

Minneapolis, MN (March 3, 2017) – Flaire Print Communications (Flaire) is pleased to announce that it has launched a new division, Flaire Marketing, to provide managed marketing automation to its nationwide client base.

Marketing automation refers to the software technologies that allow marketing-driven organizations to effectively market outbound messages through various mediums (social, email, web, etc.), where a greater number of tasks are automated – included campaign measurement. The intended outcome is to drive a measurable improvement in inbound leads.

“The world of marketing has produced several technological advancements in recent years,” stated Mark Kuzma, president & CEO, Flaire Marketing. “These advancements have created new methodologies, best practices and experts in how to best deploy these new lead generation mechanisms. While marketing automation may be loosely considered by many SMB organizations, most avoid its potential because it appears to require both depth and breadth in too many new skill sets. Our managed service simplifies program adoption because we can scale our team to blend into your existing team,” added Kuzma.

Flaire Marketing has built a managed marketing automation service model specific to small-to-midsized B2B companies (up to $75M revenues). It’s team of professionals can effectively meet the needs of each of the six roles necessary to marketing automation. Flaire’s Managed Marketing Automation offers:

  • Five unique packages, designed to be scalable to client needs, audience segmentation and budget
  • Access to proven content marketing and marketing automation experts
  • Program guidance and discipline to drive an effective program
  • World-changing social media guidance
  • Access to agile marketing experts that evolve tactical distribution as frequently as the market changes.

“Managed Marketing Automation is the reliance on an outside company to provide access to the software platform and the expertise to meet your objectives to deploy marketing automation – without the expense of hiring several full-time experts,” said Corey Johnson, Director, Business Development. “And, without the risk of hiring staff that are unfamiliar with best practices across industry appropriate marketing mediums. We are truly proud to offer this service to client base.”

Details surround this new service offering can be viewed by visiting www.flaire.com.

About Flaire Marketing

Flaire Marketing makes the adoption of marketing automation simpler, more cost-effective, an easier on-boarding process and improved lead gen results. Flaire provides “Managed” Marketing Automation with five scalable package options. Visit www.flaire.com for more information.

About Flaire Print Communications

Established in 1978, Flaire Print has been a provider in customized printed solutions. With a focus on blending traditional offset and digital printing, Flaire brings a unique perspective in using today’s printing technologies. Visit www.flaireprint.com for more information.