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Why Managed Marketing Automation Makes Sense for Small to Midsized B2B Organizations

Marketing automation refers to the software technologies that allow marketing-driven organizations to effectively market outbound messages through various mediums (social, email, web, etc.), where a greater number of tasks are automated – included campaign measurement. The intended outcome is to drive a measurable improvement in inbound leads.

“Managed” Marketing Automation is the reliance on an outside company to provide access to the software platform and the expertise to meet your objectives to deploy marketing automation – without the expense of hiring several full-time experts. And, without the risk of hiring staff that are unfamiliar with best practices across industry appropriate marketing mediums.

What’s the bottom line value of Managed Marketing Automation?

  • Drives improved engagement rates by continually promoting best possible tactical mix
  • Marketing tactics and content are measurable – like never before
  • Provides business intelligence necessary to achieve greater marketplace agility

What other benefits are possible?

  • Using a Managed Marketing Automation partner offers both expert guidance and the discipline to create effective content and drive the frequency of “touches” necessary to establish recall, while building trust and new interest.
  • Your small business need not commit to an expensive marketing automation software agreement.
  • Your team’s existing sales and marketing objectives (strategies and tactics) need not be disrupted to deploy a marketing automation program. “Managed” is less costly and burdensome to internal resources.
  • Teaming with other roles/experts exposes your team to best practices in new technologies – training is built right into the package options.
  • The reach of marketing efforts has traditionally been limited by bandwidth of the players. “Do more, with less” is now quite possible and very practical.

About the Author: Brent J. Anderson

Innovative and dynamic B2B marketing leader with a 29-year career (high-tech/healthcare – 16 years; creative agency sales/strategy – eight years; B2B sales – three years; CPG marketing – two years). Best known for refining strategies to better meet corporate objectives and dramatically improving awareness for unknown brands/products/services.